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Review of the 1st edition of the Night of Artificial Intelligence by Artefact and France is AI

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For its first edition, AI Night by Artefact gathered more than a thousand people at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. An unprecedented event that for the first time brought together experts, politicians, researchers, tech leaders and large companies around an extremely rich debate on the social issues surrounding Artificial Intelligence.


Leaders of the largest companies impacted by AI, researchers, French start-ups and technology leaders, as well as Laurent Alexandre, an IA expert and author of “La Guerre des Intelligences” and Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State in charge of Digital Affairs, made of this premiere the place to be.


Initiated by Artefact, the pioneering digital marketing agency in AI, under the leadership of Vincent Luciani (co-founder of Artefact) and co-organized with France Digitale and France is AI under the impetus of Damien Gromier (President of France is AI), AI Night by Artefact has successfully met its challenge: create a great cultural and experiential gathering around the future of Artificial Intelligence and its major stakes for France.


By creating Artefact, we wanted a modern agency designed for the digital era, Data and Artificial Intelligence. GAFAs currently dominate the ranking of consumers’ favourite brands, thanks to their mastery of these sciences. Our mission at Artefact is to change this paradigm by combining these technologies with brand creativity.” Vincent Luciani


An event with multiple objectives: learning, discovery, networking…


Two hours of lectures opened the evening followed by the discovery of the innovations of the most promising French start-ups (robots, connected cars, intelligent concierge systems, intelligent medical tools, image recognition systems etc.).


The first edition of AI Night by Artefact was an opportunity for stage performers to highlight how data is the nerve of war in artificial intelligence. Many of them raised the narrowness of the French legislative framework and called for the release of data as regulation (RGPD and ePrivacy) and cultural constraints are hindrances to the development of AI in France. For Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, the data is there and it is this data that can make it possible to move from a world of programming and code to a world of learning (the algorithms will be able to analyze and suggest solutions by themselves).


The other topic that emerged strongly from these interventions was the fight to be waged around training. France forms only a thousand data scientists every year, while the demand continues to grow. In his speech, Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State for Digital, stressed the education of young generations and the need to raise awareness among French people on the subject:”It is important to seek to encourage vocations from an early age[…] The whole country must be involved in digital transformation, including the 20% of French people who are far from it”.


In addition, not only does the country lack skilled workers on the subject, but many of these engineers are opting for the ranks of the large U. S. technology companies. The speakers of AI Night by Artefact thus recalled the importance of creating a favorable ecosystem to make Artificial Intelligence champions emerge. The role of France and Europe was debated with regard to the very powerful GAFAs in this field. For Bruno Maisonnier, CEO and founder of AnotherBrain, the question today is no longer to match the tech leaders, but to go further than the deep and machine learning and jump a generation to create a new one.


One proposed solution is also to initiate collaborations between the private and public sectors, for example to enable researchers to reconcile research work and business applications. Laurent Alexandre insisted on bringing a touch of hope in his opening keynote:”I am optimistic that French champions of the IA will emerge”.


A success to be renewed in 2019:

A success to be renewed in 2019:

For Vincent Luciani “This first edition of the Night of the AI created by Artefact is a great success. We warmly thank our speakers and the start-ups present as well as all those who took part in this great gathering. We are looking forward to meeting them in 2019 to unite the AI startup movement at a European level this time! ».

Damien Gromier, president of France is AI (powered by France Digitale) and co-organizer concludes: “AI Night will become an essential event in the ecosystem, that’s why we wanted to celebrate the second anniversary of France is AI on this occasion!

For two years now, France is AI’s mission has been to promote the French artificial intelligence ecosystem and bring all its players together to enable them to work together: public and private research laboratories, start-ups, communities (such as the meetups that bring together more than 50,000 data scientists in France), investors and major groups.

We are working to bring this French ambition in AI to the European level. See you in 2019 for a night of European AI!

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