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Nov 15

Erasmus-Descartes Conference 2018 - Artificial Intelligence


Come meet Artefact at the Erasmus Descartes Conference 2018

Artefact is participating in the Erasmus Descartes Conference 2018 in Paris. A total of 150 experts from the private sector, civil society organisations and the public sector have been invited to take part in this year’s conference on November 15-16th, which will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Douglas Willcocks (Global Chief Data Officer) and Lennert de Rijk (Managing Director Artefact Benelux & Nordics) will be speaking at the very beginning of the Culture and AI track, starting at 4pm on Thursday, November 15th, 2018. The presentation will highlight the culture within Artefact as well as a case involving France’s cultural TV channel.

The conference is organised by the Dutch embassy in cooperation with the French embassy in the Netherlands and is sponsored by the Initiative Franco-Néerlandaise (IFN). The conference has since been held since 2002 alternately in Paris and Amsterdam. The goal of the conference is to encourage partnerships and stimulate dialogue between France and the Netherlands, and is a key event in the countries’ bilateral relations.

Will you attend the Erasmus Descartes Conference? We’re looking forward to meeting you there! Keep an eye on our social channels for the highlights of the conference.


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