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Programmatic Display

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Programmatic Advertising is a highly efficient marketing channel that automates media buying by overlaying technology and data
At Artefact, we believe in combining our media buying, artificial intelligence and creative design expertise to help you reach your business goals.

Our international teams reflect these beliefs as they all come from different backgrounds mixing data science, planning and media strategy.


Our mission

We are on a mission to make programmatic advertising better, by making it more relevant for the users and more transparent for the brands we are working with. We combine best in class programmatic technology vendors with our technology stack to bring more efficiency and insights to your campaigns.


Our programmatic team is an extension of your marketing division. We value insights that change business models. Our insights team will collect signals that will improve the media delivery, help you find the right audience and engage with them at the right time. Once we have collected enough data and singled out relevant patterns, our machine learning technology will find similar users and make your brand connect with new potential prospects.


We work with global brands across all industries and always look forward to our next challenge.