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precision marketing

Precision Marketing is the disruptive approach to an efficient and scalable way for Advertisers to be vocal. Inspired by scholars from the 1960’s, Artefact theorized the idea of embedding experts from various but complementary expertise under one roof: Channels Specialists, Creative Experts, Data Analysts, and Business Entrepreneurs. Through this unusual attelage, magic can happen that unlocks new pockets of optimization that would not have been uncovered in a traditional siloed model.

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technology & AI

At Artefact, AI is not just a buzzword – it is at the heart of our mindset and expertise. We help brands inject AI into their marketing in order to improve the productivity of their media spend and make smarter decisions: from intuition-based, to data-driven, to automated decision making – allowing teams to no longer waste time on repetitive error-prone tasks, but to concentrate on higher value-adding work.

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At Artefact, our role is to redefine business intelligence and go deep into our clients’ transformation projects. We build teams of Growth Hackers, Consultants, Activation experts and Technology developers to deep dive with a fresh eye into our clients’ accounts every six months. The ultimate goal of the Growth Hacking team is to unlock more pockets of optimization through new methodology frameworks, automation opportunities and AI technologies.

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Our unique spin on channel execution

We nurture our Activation channels through meticulous business transformation methodologies curated by our experienced Consultants, and build upon our very strong Data and AI foundation. This brings a unique spin to the way we activate digital channels at Artefact.

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A winning mix of agency assets

Precision Marketing

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Technology & AI

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Business Intelligence & Growth Hacking

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Channel Activation

Transparency, Agility & Values

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