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Artefact Benelux rebranding event highlights

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On March 20th Artefact Benelux organised a rebranding event to kick-start a new exciting journey. All offices across 17 countries are coming together and will operate under one name: Artefact. Our new vision and latest digital trends have been shared with the audience. Did you miss it? No problem, we’ve recorded the highlights for you!


Not Silicon Valley but the Chinese tech giants are leading the way

Lennert de Rijk, Managing Director Benelux, sets the scene and got us thinking across the border: China. Even though Europe often looks to Silicon valley for the newest technological trends, Lennert points out that we should not underestimate the Chinese tech giants. Big tech companies like Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are further ahead in the innovation game than we might think. Artefact will now be following these developments from close-up, as Lennert announced the acquisition of digital marketing agency 8 Matic and its affiliates in China and Korea (read more about this strategic acquisition here). 

The leading US tech companies have become the biggest brands of today

Taking over the stage was group CEO Guillaume de Roquemaurel. What Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple have in common is that they capture the hearts and minds of consumers by creating great products. They do not spend their money on huge marketing campaigns like traditional brands do, but they automate their marketing activities as much as they can. They gained a huge competitive advantage by early investments in data, automation and AI. Now traditional brands need to catch up. But catching up is not an easy task if your company is not full of engineers. Guillaume was early to see this challenge in the market and founded Artefact: the perfect combination of engineers & marketeers. By combining data consultancy and marketing activation, Artefact supports traditional brands in their digital transformation.

Change has never been so fast, and will never be so slow again

Jan-Alle ter Veld, Business Manager Media Buying Solutions at Google shares Google’s new vision on digital marketing. Digital marketing goes beyond mobile. Marketing should be Automated, Data Driven and focusing on the Full Funnel. In his talk, Jan-Alle shared 3 trends that the marketing world has to deal with:

  1. an exponential amount of signals,
  2. an exponential amount of technology,
  3. and exponential connectivity.

How can marketers deal with this increased complexity? Wise up on the context of your consumers by looking at all the signals that are available. Being data driven as a marketer will help you to personalize your message and can lead to 50% reduction in acquisition costs.  

Speed up to keep up with the increasing amount of technology. By adopting marketing technology marketers can automate much of their daily work and save more time for value adding activities. Search marketing has become increasingly complex over the years. The amount of signals has increased dramatically and managing campaigns by hand has become nearly impossible.

Third, Google’s research shows that only ⅓ of consumers describe their contacts with brands as useful. This means that the majority of messages from brands are not seen as useful. This should be solved by marketers that think beyond traditional marketing channels and start with full funnel marketing.

3 Technologies to Power the Dialogue

Kristoffer Ewald, Group CIO and incredible, inspirational speaker, dazzles us with 3 disrupting technologies that are going to impact marketers in 2018. The biggest challenge within traditional marketing is that consumers don’t like to be shouted at with general messages about their brands/products. Brands are trying to adapt to this, but unfortunately, are failing badly. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain are going to change this.

Voice Assistents are still in the early stages, but will have a real breakthrough once all our devices become smart devices. When our digital histories become deeper, “Voice” will become more meaningful. Brands that are adopting these technologies will be able to have direct conversations with consumers.

Kristoffer also highlights the sub-optimal in-store experience of today. When consumers enter a store, the sales person has no access to the context of the customer. Beacon technology can bridge this gap, providing this background of the customers and creating a smoother experience overall.

Last, blockchain technology will have a major impact on increasing trust in the digital space. It will help identifying customers and hugely reduce advertising waste and fraud. As marketer you will have a better understanding of which person you are talking to via different channels; and on top of that, what their aspirations are. Start re-thinking how technology can power the dialogue.

Bringing it home

With all those digital trends it can feel like we are going through a “digital storm”. The adoption of new technologies in an early stage will help us to lead the way. Jakob and Suzanne shared insightful information on creative innovations and data tools that we’re already using today. Do you want to know more?

Get in touch with one of our consultants to power your consumer-brand dialogue!


Read the presentations of all speakers:


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Josse Dorleijn, Head of Paid Media & New Business

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