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Grand Prix du Search 2019: Artefact and SEB doubly rewarded for Amazon strategy

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Artefact’s “Full Search” strategy ensured optimal search engine placement for Groupe SEB products on Amazon thanks to Data!

At the Grand Prix du Search 2019 ceremony, Groupe SEB and Artefact won a gold medal in the Retail Search category and a silver medal in the Search & Data category for the efficiency of their eRetail strategy on Amazon.

These medals recognize the alliance of Data with the Amazon advertising search solutions which ensure optimal placement of Tefal products on the results pages of the e-commerce giant.

Groupe SEB, the world reference in small domestic equipment, is, with its TEFAL brand, an historic leader increasingly challenged on Amazon: +30% new players (vs 2018) in this category. The Amazon online sales platform has become so essential for retailers, it’s a new medium: 50% of online consumers begin their purchase on Amazon[1]. Product referencing has become a key element for success for brands: 70% of users on the platform only consult the results on the first page[2].


To ensure Groupe SEB the best possible visibility for its products on Amazon, Artefact implemented a “Full Search” strategy in three stages, which takes the organic positioning of Tefal into account to adapt keywords proposed by the Amazon paid search.

Stage #1 – Analysis of the linear organic part of Tefal thanks to Artefact Retail Suite and identification of the most important keywords in which to invest.

Stage #2 – Construction of pertinent ads redirecting to the Tefal store or to optimised product pages.

Stage #3 – Analysis of performances of more than 100 keywords and adjustment of bids thanks to the use of Artefact Retail Suite.


=> Increased organic linear share on the first page: +5 points on brand requests, +3 points on categorical requests (Q2 2019 VS Q2 2018)

=> Growing return on investment: +20% on global ROAS in the category

=> Optimised cost per click: a reduction of 9 % in CPC vs Q2 2018

[1] (eMarketer – More Product Searches Start on Amazon)

[2] CPC Strategy – The 2018 Amazon shopper behavior study


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[1] eMarketer – More Product Searches Start on Amazon

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