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Data-driven campaign set-up & management


Data-driven campaign set-up & management

#Data agency

Optimising your use of data & technologies is key in digital marketing campaigns.

As the digital ecosystem of tools is becoming more and more complex and data is becoming more abundant, building a data-driven and personalized campaign is becoming increasingly complex, and not included in the classical media agency scope of work and approach.

Our approach

#Data agency

In order to help you to build an efficient data-driven campaign, we’ve built a strong expertise in defining the data-driven campaign strategy, coordinating the various stakeholders (internal and agencies) and defining the campaign processes. Furthermore, we are experts in setting-up the campaign on multiple channels and building reporting and optimizations

We industrialized our approach through a BlueBook to make it scalable and semi-automated and to be able to run multiple data-driven campaigns in multiple countries in parallel.



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Awards voor Artefact’s Monoprix en Greenpeace AI cases

Na de internationale herpositioning eind 2017 sleept Artefact awards in de wacht voor haar Monoprix en Greenpeace cases. Met deze innovaties laten Artefact experts de toepasbaarheid zien van een goede samenwerking op het snijvlak van Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) en Creativiteit.


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