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(Re)Launch, Scale, and Lean AI with Cloud

AI powered by Cloud

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White paper: (Re)Launch, Scale,
and Lean AI with Cloud


Cloud computing is the real catalyst for any AI strategy today, making it possible to exploit data in all its dimensions.

Artefact experts have crafted a white paper about AI powered by Cloud. In the white paper, titled ‘(Re)Launch, Scale and Lean AI with Cloud’, the potential for exploiting smart data and the essential prerequisites for developing its own smart architecture is unveiled and discussed.

The white paper will be exclusively released on January 17th and will be made available for download in English and French on our website shortly after.

Keep an eye out and make sure you don’t miss it – this white paper will provide lots of insights for every AI, Data and Cloud enthusiast! We’re very much looking forward to sharing it with you and hearing your thoughts on it.