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Social media update #2

news and insights

We have some new, interesting social media updates to share with you. From activating a Snapchat Filter through voice, to a new dating option within Facebook. Curious? Keep on reading!

Snapchat Voice

The dog filter on Snapchat, we all know it. One of the most popular features within Snapchat is the so called Snap lens. With this lens, different effects (like the dog ears and tongue) can be added to your face. Most of those lenses respond to the movements you make with your face, like raising your eyebrows, but Snapchat keeps on improving. Now, Snapchat starts rolling out new lenses which will be activated based on voice recognition!

The lenses are capable to recognize some preselected words like “hi”, ÿes”, “no”, “love”, and “wow”. The voice-controlled lenses will appear in the app the same way as other lenses do. We can imagine you cannot wait to try the new lenses, right? Well, make sure to install the latest version of the app on your smartphone, and wait… since it’s not clear when the lenses will be rolled out and be available for everyone.

Whatsapp Business  

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a world without WhatsApp. We use it on a daily basis to stay in touch with friends, family, colleagues, and even businesses. Now, there also is a business version of WhatsApp, called WhatsApp Business. This version is on the market for awhile now, however the possibilities were limited. With the new WhatsApp Business API, companies are having more possibilities to connect with customers. Customers can request information more easily, which will be sent to them through WhatsApp. Next, companies can add a ‘Click-to-Chat’ button to their website and in their Facebook advertisements. That way, users can ask a question through WhatsApp with just one click on the button!

However, from the beginning it was clear that companies had to pay for this business edition of WhatsApp. And now it’s time: when big companies do not respond to messages within 24 hours, WhatsApp will charge a fixed amount per message. When companies respond within 24 hours, or when companies don’t belong to ‘big companies’ according to WhatsApp, it’s free of use.

WhatsApp’s Business Model

The rumors had been there for some time, but now it really seems to be happening: advertisements in WhatsApp. Of course, Facebook wants to earn money with the message service app, taking into account the depreciation of the company. We will not directly see Messenger-like advertisements – advertisements between your chats – but mostly advertisements in the status overview (the WhatsApp version of Instagram Stories). The planning is that we will see advertisements from the beginning of 2019. We’re really interested to see if this is all, but we’re afraid that we will see advertisements between our chats in the future…

Instagram Shopping

Instagram is introducing a new feature: Instagram Shopping. This feature allows people to buy directly from an Instagram Story, instead of needing to leave the app. Before, it wasn’t possible to use links in pictures. Now, Instagram Shopping enables brands to tag products, to show more information about the products.

With the introduction of Instagram Shopping, there are more possibilities to stimulate both traffic and conversions. Within a few seconds,  people are able to buy the certain product, without closing the Instagram app.

Snapchat Shopping

Instagram is not the only platform focusing on in-app purchases. Snapchat is also creating plans for a new feature. With the new ‘camera search’ feature, it will be possible to focus your camera on certain objects, and buy the objects (if identified, of course) directly on Amazon. It’s actually like the Google Lens – but different. Snapchat will use third-parties to be able to identify the products.

Dating on Facebook

Facebook is ready to battle with competitors on the dating market. It’s planning to launch a dating functionality within the mobily app, which users can use for free. Move over, Tinder!

How does it work? Users can create a profile and contact other people, through a separate chat environment. Facebook states to guarantee the privacy by making sure your profile won’t be visible for your friends. The launch date is not known yet.

You’re all caught up again! Don’t miss update #3, coming at the beginning of September.