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Social media update #1

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The last few weeks, it has been quite restless in the world of social media. Many updates and new features were launched. Curious? We’ll show you some interesting updates.



We start with the biggest update which was hard to miss. “Instagram with YouTube” has been said. Of course, we’re talking about IGTV. With IGTV, you can upload pre-recorded videos. This is the big difference with Instagram Stories: direct recording and uploading on IGTV is not possible. This way, Instagram wants to make sure videos in IGTV are of high quality. Another notable difference is the length: an Instagram Story may take up to 15 seconds, where an IGTV video can take up to 10 minutes (or even up to 60 minutes for bigger accounts). And, remember us saying “Don’t film vertically when uploading to YouTube!”? Well, for IGTV we have to believe in filming vertically.

Collection-ads for Instagram

We’re familiar with the Facebook collection-ad format. This format, where you enter a full screen experience after clicking on one of the presented products, is an interesting way to digitally showcase your products. Unfortunately, this format was not available for Instagram yet. However, since a few weeks, it is! There are some differences with the Facebook variant. The most important one: where it is possible on Facebook to show four products below the ad’s image or video, on Instagram only three products can be shown. When you select both placements, Instagram dynamically selects three of the four product images.


Instagram Stories has expanded it’s ‘Stickers’-collection. The option to insert a poll or emoji slider in your Instagram was already available, but from now on it’s also possible to insert a Q&A in your Stories. This gives you the possibility of creating more interaction with your followers. You’re able to ask questions and let your followers answer them. Also, you can ask your followers to ask you a question, which you can answer in the next Instagram Story. The questions and answers can be shared, however, Instagram is so kind to hide the user name and profile photo, to avoid public shaming. (Source: Engadget)

You’re all caught up

Do you keep scrolling through your Instagram feed, hoping there are some new posts to enjoy? Well, that’s history from now on! You probably have seen the new Instagram feature, called ‘You’re all caught up’. Instagram now tells you when you’ve seen all the posts of the last two days. So, you don’t need to worry you’ve missed anything.


Info & Ads

In terms of transparency, Facebook is providing more insight in ads ran by advertisers. By clicking on ‘Info & ads’, you can see which advertisements are running on behalf of a certain brand. This means that your ‘dark posts’ are suddenly not that ‘dark’ anymore, but it also means that you as an advertiser can see the competitors’ ads. Beside information about ads, you can also can get information on when a page was created, previous names, et cetera.

Keyword snoozing

We all know how annoying it can be to see a spoiler on Facebook, even before you’ve had the time to watch the latest episode of your favorite show. Well, if it’s up to Facebook, that is history from now on. Next to the already existing features to hide posts or unfollow pages, Facebook is testing the ‘Keyword Snooze’ option. With this new feature, Facebook users get the possibility to temporarily ‘snooze’ a certain keyword. For 30 days, Facebook will not show any post concerning this keyword in your timeline. Say bye to spoilers!

Augmented reality ads

While it’s still Summer, Facebook is already looking forward to the busiest time of the year: the holidays. Recently, Facebook announced to roll out augmented reality advertisements. This way, users can correspond interactively with ads. Think of trying on new sunglasses, testing a lipstick colour, or discovering new games. Unfortunately, not all advertisers will be whitelisted at the same time. When it’s available in your country is not known yet, but it certainly is a cool perspective!

WhatsApp ads

Advertising in Facebook Messenger has been available for quite a long time already, but soon it will also be possible for advertisers to advert on WhatsApp! Whether it will have impact on WhatsApp’s users is still unclear – at the moment, not many messenger apps are as popular as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


You’re all caught up! Keep an eye on our news and insights section for more updates!






Nikki Put, Social Advertising Consultant