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Social Media: Bring together content and data to succeed in your campaigns

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Following Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, it is crucial to define a new acquisition strategy on social networks if it hasn’t been done yet!

With nearly over 36 millions active users per month, social networks are a must-have in your marketing strategy, and represent an infinite source of already committed leads.

4 steps to take advantage of it:

  1. Synchronize Community Management and Social Ads for better performances
  2. Orchestrate your campaigns and adapt your contents
  3. Integrate data 
  4. Measure the results                                                             


  1. Intensify customer engagement using the Community management to engage and the social ads to convert

Besides strengthening the brand image and creating a strong relation with your clients and leads, and thanks to suited daily publications, you’ll know how to identify the most attractive contents for your targets. The mentions, comments, shares, and engagement rate available thanks to an efficient community management are key KPIs to optimize your paid campaigns.

Once those contents are identified, you will be able to strengthen the advertising pressure on your targets. Social Ads will allow you to address the more relevant contents to thinner targets, and to increase pressure during highlights.

Thanks to this strategy we have noticed 3 major improvements: 

  • An optimization of advertising expenses
  • A 5% increase of the publication’s reach without space purchase
  • Up to 46% of additional conversions

The significant role of sponsored posts

Why allocate a specific budget to sponsored posts? “naturally” performing contents have great chances to interest your targets and therefore to engage them.

  1. Orchestrate your campaigns and adapt your contents

Team synchronization is the secret to optimize your social strategy, you must surf on the engagement created by the Community Management to increase your conversion rate.

Traditionally, Social Ads match to your customer journey –  from the phases of awareness, going through consideration and finally, action. According to each target, you will define a tailor-made strategy. Indeed, each target has its own value and will respond positively to a certain type of message over another, following its level of maturity toward the brand. We have to adjust and push forward the target from one step to another.

  1. Integrate data

1st Party data is your best ally, thanks to it, you’ll be able to create personas corresponding to your targets, which will guide you throughout the strategic elaboration of messages, visuals and advertising pressure.

Thanks to the identification of your audiences through data collection and treatment tools (such as Google Analytics, Google Big Query, Google Cloud Platform, Google Tag Manager…) you will be able to activate those segments, both on social medias and display.

  1. Measure your performances

In France, 84% of impressions are delivered to the good people on Facebook and Instagram, compared to 51% in Display. In social media, the use of Facebook tools to measure results are highly recommended, especially if we consider the inconsistencies with Google Analytics.

The other best practice we may suggest you, is to change your attribution program – For example, a U shaped attribution strategy will generate around 10 to 30% additional value – to Facebook ads vs. those who use last advertisement or last click measurement techniques.


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published by
Arnaud Marro, Head of Social Media Ads France

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