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Sell or Else - Feedbacks on the Cannes Lions

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Your mailboxes are full of newsletters delivering a complete debrief of Cannes through the grand prizes and other trends with ever more eccentric names (we now talk about “hackvertising”, “techvertising”, or “goodvertising”) ? Good, because we’re not going to offer you that.

This year, we talk about creation purely business oriented and we tell you how the best advertisers do to transform a good targeting test into a good acquisition creation. We scanned for you the Cannes Lions Festival website and selected the top creations that convert, the ones that transform your leads into customers by generating measurable and instant sales, or those who invent unique ways to sell or buy products.

As David Ogilvy said: “We sell or else”. So let’s go for the 👉 CREATIVE WAYS TO SELL 👈

The most tech creation: NIKE – Snapchat A/R Jordan :

In order to launch the new pair of Air Jordan III Tinkers, R/GA agency recreated Michael Jordan doing his mythical dunk in augmented reality and made it available to fans at the NBA all-star game via Lens in the Snapchat app. Users could project MJ into the air through their smartphone screen, and buy directly from the app the pair of sneakers the Chicago Bulls avatar was wearing. This is the first time that an e-commerce project is carried out natively in a Lens Snapchat. Results exceeded expectations, as the snapcode reached 5.8 million unique users, Snapchat recorded a 4x higher than normal commitment and the Air Jordan pair was sold out in 23 minutes.

The smartest creation : YOOX – The Most Exclusive Collection

According to a study, 76% of people skip ads more by habit than by disinterest for its content. To change this, YOOX created THE MOST EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION. The operation consisted in removing the most trendy products from the website and presenting them for sale only once per customer and only via a video banner where the product was about to be destroyed by a death machine. If people skipped advertising, they could never find this product again on YOOX, encouraging them to buy directly or think twice before skipping. The results were impressive: 14.7M unique users reached, 19M views at 100%, a non-skip rate 23% higher than the competition, an average video view time of 14.5 sec, and 266K€ of products sold via unique banners.

The most daring creation: NOBLEX – The All-In Promo

For the World Cup, Noblex, a local TV brand, decided to risk it all to stand out from the Asian competition. They offered Argentine consumers a full refund of their TV set if Argentina did not qualify, encouraging people to buy their TV quickly during the qualification phase. As the national team came within a whisker of failing to secure its place in the group stage, the operation has grown to an unprecedented scale and considerably increased the brand’s sales.

The most real-time creation: SNICKERS – Hungerithm

A few years ago, Snickers launched its “you’re not you when you’re hungry” brand platform with a series of movies showing angry consumers becoming themselves again after eating a Snickers. This year, the brand anchored its speech in the daily reality thanks to an algorithm called Hungerithm, analyzing in real time the mood of internet users. The higher the digital nervousness got, the lower were the price of his chocolate bars. It was then enough to check the mood of the web on a site and ask for a code to get a discount in the nearest 7-eleven.

The most social creation: OPEL – Pay with views

Since advertisers spend a considerable amount of money to get their videos seen, views can be considered worth money. For the launch of the new OPEL ONLINE EDITION, the most connected car of the brand, the manufacturer offered customers the possibility to pay for their future car with views. The operation consisted in filming oneself doing a test drive. If the video got a certain amount of views, the car was yours. Yuri Schuurkes generated 30M organic views and was therefore the first person in the world to buy a car with YouTube views.

The most Millennial creation: Volvo – Care by Volvo mobile app

According to Volvo millenials no longer own anything because they prefer to sign up for rental services. So Volvo decided to follow this through its logical conclusion by offering millennials the opportunity to subscribe to the latest Volvo XC40. Consumers could pay for this subscription to the vehicle in the same way as any other service: with an app and only a few clicks.

The most communitarian creation: XBOX – the Fanchise model

Playing console video games has clearly become a rich people’s activity. To take full advantage of this experience, you need to buy a console + a few games + two controllers + online subscription + updates and other packs sold online. Basically, the price tag ends up being pretty big. Through its controller customization service, the Xbox Design Lab offers to customize the slightest control button but you have to be willing to pay 50% more than the price of a standard controller. So Xbox launched the Fanchise Model, where gamers could create and market their controller designs to sell to the Xbox community and make money. Microsoft boosted gamers’ campaigns with TV ads, billboards, and other on/off leverage tools. A clever community idea combined with ingenious marketing has increased overall controller sales by 350%.

You saw a case we missed, or you want to react to one of the cases, contact us!

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published by
Vincent Lefeubvre, Senior Strategic Planner

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