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Artefact AI innovation leads to multiple awards for Monoprix and Greenpeace cases

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Artefact, the digital marketing agency based on data and artificial intelligence, is proud to announce three new awards on its operations for Monoprix and Greenpeace.

For its innovative approach on Google Home, the smart shopping list for Monoprix, Artefact wins the New Experiences award at the Nuit des Rois, and Gold in the Innovations category at the Grand Prix Stratégies du Digital.

Artefact’s Orizon operation for Greenpeace also won a Gold award in the data-driven category at the Grand Prix Stratégies digital.

About the Monoprix smart shopping list campaign

Monoprix, a Casino Group company, leader in city centre retail and pioneer in innovations created in the distribution sector in France, has entrusted Artefact with the development of its AI (Artificial Intelligence) application on the Google Assistant, an unprecedented project in the distribution sector.

Monoprix offers its customers a personalized shopping list on the Google Assistant, available via the Google Home speaker and on smartphones (Android and iOS) with essential features: creation of the list, adding and deleting products, holding and returning to the list. The chatbot developed for Monoprix offers features enhanced by an artificial intelligence overlay, culminating in a personalized referral service capable of providing missing item ideas by analyzing the customer’s profile and history.

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About Operation Greenpeace Orizon

Greenpeace asked Artefact to awaken public opinion around the urgency of climate change at COP23.

Artefact’s creative teams had the idea to stage a fake real estate agency that uses an algorithm to predict the value of properties by 2100. Like a real estate site, allows you to select various regions in France and Belgium, the desired surface and the budget you have.

The predictive algorithm of the site suggests real estate ads corresponding to its search criteria, properties that would find themselves on the seashores in 2100, while showing the added value realized.

Through this campaign Greenpeace France denounces “the cynicism of industrialists and the hypocrisy of states whose actions are not up to the commitments set at the Cop21”. Based on the “RCP8.5” scenario of the 2014 IPCC report, which forecasts a 5°C temperature increase and a sea level rise of about 1 metre by 2100, the campaign realistically shows the impact of sea level rise. “Through this operation, Greenpeace France wishes to denounce the immobility and lack of ambition of States but also the cynicism of multinational companies that continue to invest in polluting energies and are slow to change their industrial strategies.” concludes Laurence Veyne, Communications Director of Greenpeace France in the November 9 press release.

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Vincent Luciani, Group COO and CEO France of Artefact, comments: “We are very pleased to receive these awards, and I would like to congratulate the teams that have worked to make these projects a reality. I am very proud of the work accomplished: these awards reflect the quality and creativity of the agency.”

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