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CogX Day Three: It's a Wrap

A final summary of our three day experience at CognitionX 2019

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It’s a Wrap!

It has been an inspiring and exhilarating last three days at CogX 2019. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed being at the global epicenter of AI and Data, speaking to future and current industry titans at our stand and taking in an immense depth of knowledge on both highly exciting prospects and deeply pressing issues that are associated with our collective future.

We were joined by some of our UK clients to share views on what AI meant for them and to jointly hear other points of view coming from industry sectors beyond theirs. The application of AI is so vast and extreme in many cases, there is certainly a need to bring it back to the practicalities and productive use to ensure that at every level the AI application has a purpose.

Despite the typical fluctuating UK weather, the last day of CogX was still a highly active day for us. Many people still flocked to our stand to discuss Marketing Engineering with us over a bite of lunch. We now know that feeding and watering potential prospects really is the way to keep them engaged!

We displayed a variety of our thought leadership work which flew off the shelves at lightning speed. This signifies the importance of having a strong point of view and helping our clients (and future clients), understand the benefits that AI can bring to their business.

It was clear today was about the future generation. A talk on the Impact Stage focused solely on what young people were bringing to the AI table from astonishingly young ages. From using data and satellite imagery to pinpoint development in areas that have suffered from drought to developing a smart machine-learning hedgehog house to preserve the ever declining population of hedgehogs in the UK.

We have over 100 leads to follow up on, some incredibly hot with immediate opportunity and certainly ones for the future. The critical point here is that we have firmly launched Artefact on the AI stage and we are here to stay, AI and Marketing Engineering go hand in hand and clients understand the value it brings to their organisation. In an ever more complex world we need to simplify, data helps us understand and make business decisions, effective processes enable productivity and growth. Artefact has the talent, the know-how, and the credentials to deliver this.

We look forward to a successful CogX campaign in 2020 where we will in bigger and better at every point.

If you’re interested in viewing any of the talks that were presented at CogX 2019 you can watch them all in their entirety here.

Well done to the team who helped bring such a great event together. EmmaClare, Lizzie, Ben, Ashish, Mark, Eamon, Ryo and Arta.