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Web Analytics

Measurement and visibility with Analytics

We believe as technology and user behavior changes, the way that we collect and analyze data must also change. Web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics market saturation and ease of implementation has long made it the standard for companies looking to better understand the role that their websites and mobile applications play related to their overall business goals. Every business is different in nature,  therefore, a strategic and customized implementation is needed to truly get value out of Analytics.

SEO & Content Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Social Media Advertising
Programmatic Display
Affiliate Marketing
CRM Consultancy

Embracing new brand relationship forms

As the world transforms with AI, social media and conversational interfaces, Analytics has to embrace these newest forms, to be able to track, measure, attribute and engage all the different clusters of the population.

Omnichannel management and consulting

Today, deriving value from data is more involved than simply just “running a report”. Our team are experts providing regular consulting to turn data into actionable insight. We ensure data remains accurate at all time, help you establish valuable reports, and lead your data strategy into the future.

Solving business problems

Because data is the fuel for relevance, we work closely with our Data Science experts. So do we with our creative people, as creativity is what makes outstanding brand relationships.

Some of the business problems we help accomplish include:

  • Complete Transition to Universal Analytics and GTM Configuration
  • Over-The-Top & Mobile App Implementation
  • BigQuery (Big Data) Analysis Projects
  • Data-Driven Attribution Modeling
  • Ecommerce Tracking and Enhanced Ecommerce
  • DoubleClick Integration Support
  • Cross-Device User ID Implementation
  • Additional Insights with Expanded Use of Custom Dimensions and Metrics