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Data-driven Strategy for Car Rental Giant

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Hertz wanted to find out what is the top performing channels that can drive efficient CPL for their car hiring business in Asia, aside from Search advertising.


We proposed 3 channels (Display, Social and Affiliate), 5 platforms (Sojern, Adara, GDN, Facebook, Involve Asia) to Hertz. In order to obtain and utilise the budget in a short time frame, travel-focused publishers like Adara and Sojern were used. By leveraging their exceptional data in travel industry we expect to get the most of of display ads. Tentatively, we still allocated small amount of budget on GDN..


Adara turned out to be the best performing partner in terms of booking volume, which accounted for 67% of the total bookings.
Comparing Sojern to Adara, Sojern did not perform well in this short campaign. The best-performing partner in term of Cost/Booking appeared to be Facebook. We generated 5 bookings from Involve Asia, our Asia affiliate partner and GDN did not generated any booking in this campaigns. We can conclude that both Facebook and Adara provided very accurate and competitive targeting.

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