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About us

A marketing agency built on the perfect union of marketers and engineers

Our vision

Technology has transformed consumer lives

A new breed of brands such as Google, Amazon, Netflix and Airbnb have captured consumers’ hearts & minds by disrupting the status quo across all sectors. These brands have defined higher standards of customer experience by continuously improving their products and services through digital, data & AI. All brands must now live up to these new standards.

Our team

Our team is made up of digital, marketing and technology enthusiasts with a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Visionary, strategic, in touch with marketing directions to know what they need, technology addicts, entrusted partners, operational skills, but long-term vision.

Squad members

Meet our team.

We hand picked our team to offer the most effective and intelligent service to our clients. Our management team is made of the greatest minds. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the marketing sector. They have a visionary mindset allowing them to anticipate the market and technology evolutions. Their strategic reflexion and operational skill will allow you to take a fresh look at the project you entrusted us with.

Our Local Team
Elena Mirandola

Managing Director for South East Asia, Australia and Hong Kong

Azhani Ismail

Business Director

Kevin Cheung

Senior Consultant

Bonnie Leung

Account Manager

François de la Villardière

Chairman of the Board

Guillaume de Roquemaurel

Co-founder & group CEO

Vincent Luciani

Co-founder & group COO

Philippe Rolet

Co-founder & group CTO

Benjamin Hartmann

Group CFO

Frederic Joseph

Global Chief Client & Growth Officer - Activation

Lennert de Rijk

CEO Benelux & Nordics

Jan Klawer

Managing Director Middle East and Africa - Emerging markets

Julius Ewig

CEO Germany & Switzerland

Pascal Duriez