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Media Activation

Social Media Advertising (Paid Social)

Media Activation

Social Activation

At Artefact we accompany our clients in the development of their visibility through all activation channels including Social Media. We believe that data is key to optimize our clients’ presence and performance on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat…). We believe that Social Media stakes are quickly evolving and different from traditional digital channels. Our aim is to help advertisers adapt and perform in this new liquid environment where habits are in constant fluctuation.

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Not only is Artefact benefitting from years of experience, the agency is also a privileged partner of every major social network. These very strong relationships make Artefact one of the few beta testers for new technologies. Our teams use cutting-edge technology and are the best in advising on upcoming technology shifts such as People Based Marketing tools that are progressively getting crucial for realistic digital measurement.

We believe in offering a top level service to our clients, so we adapt our best practices and organisation to match our clients’. At Artefact we take great pride in our team’s creativity and great expertise to create unique and impacting strategies. We use our Artificial Intelligence knowledge to automate time-consuming reporting activities to improve productivity and minimize latent errors.


Our best practices and expertises efficiency are the results of many years of experience. Thanks to our expert squad we handle our clients’ campaigns as if they were our own and reach highly successful campaign results for all kinds of client typologies such as retail and travel.