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Strategic consulting

Marketing is intelligent. From BI to AI, it is our mission to help marketers thrive in a data-invested environment. We do this by inventing new strategies, changing their organisation, launching smarter campaigns, adopting the latest technologies and creating AI applications.

We believe that demystifying data by making it actionable is the most important factor in leading clients to success. We prevent our clients from getting stuck in enduring projects in which there is a struggle to deliver tangible results and bring immediate value.

What strategic consulting challenges can you contact us for? Some examples:

  • How should I apply data & AI to improve the customer experience?
  • How to come up with the right marketing/media mix?
  • How can I better understand my clients, their pain points and unfulfilled needs and act on these to thrive my business?
  • Which technology is best to adopt into my organisation in order to empower my teams with the simplest, but most effective tools?
  • How can I accurately measure and monitor my marketing ROI and incorporate the outcome into my business processes?
  • How should my marketing organisation evolve to face the rapidly changing preferences and behaviour of my customers in an increasingly competitive landscape?

Data Science

Data doesn’t replace intuition, it enhances it. We believe that securing a competitive edge doesn’t come from technology alone but from the data fueling it and the ability to leverage this throughout your organisation.

Our team of first-class data experts will lead the way in the effective exploitation of data, in any shape or form. We help organisations to implement the best-in-class data collection frameworks, integrate and correlate data, securely and cost-effectively store and analyse it. We then bring immediate value by segmenting high-potential audiences, attributing value to the most effective channels, determining optimal customer journeys and preventing churn. But above all we help businesses make better decisions.

What data science assignments can you contact us for? Some examples:

  • What data collection platform fits my organisation and how can I integrate this with my existing technology stack?
  • How should I segment and activate my audience in order to improve my campaign performance?
  • What is the next product my customer is going to buy or what product is likely to be sold in the same deal?
  • What are the early warning signs of an unhappy customer and how can I regain their trust to prevent them from leaving?
  • How can I calculate the contribution of each channel to efficiently reallocate my media spend?
  • How can we detect fraudulent transactions on our platforms?
  • How can I measure the impact of my online campaigns on my offline sales?
  • How can we predict our sell-out to optimise our sell-through ratio?
  • How can I optimize the on-site experience of my website to better serve customers and increase profitability?