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Winning Christmas and Black Friday

E-Commerce Feb 7

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Black Friday continues to be big for digital

Despite the industry reporting the lowest November growth since 2011 online (at +8% Y/Y) and lowest ever growth for a Black Friday week, Artefact drove an impressive +47% Y/Y revenue across its retail client base.


That said it’s key to ensure that any campaigns are properly optimised including a dedicated landing page which will turn into a holding page to keep authority year-round, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotion Extensions.


Exploit granularity

Making sure that you’re properly exploiting granularity – using hour by hour mapping and day parting mapping is key for concentrated periods like the frantic Black Friday sales weekend. Ad-hoc manual bid optimisations can also help increase agility.


Thorough Shopping feed audits and ensuring that feed items are aligned with account builds helps us to ensure all areas of search campaigns are optimised.


Planning is key

Planning is key for both Black Friday week and Christmas Sale. It was the meticulous preparation from the team that enabled focus and quick reactions to customer buying behaviour over the peak period.


Over the Christmas period we included keyword research by hour of day, in order to fully be able to exploit the changing demands of the market place. This allowed us to increase orders by 68% across our retail clients Y/Y.


Prepare for the worst

No one likes to say it, but the busy sales period can spell disaster for overcrowded websites. We always complete 503 best practice preparation for site downtime with our experienced tech team. This allows us to be prepared for any eventuality.


This year, thanks to careful forward planning we were able to avoid any serious downtime for our clients, although we were prepared to mitigate the effects should the worst have happened.


Keep an eye on the competition

Competitor bidding checks are a key planning and optimisation technique for us to keep in our arsenal. Being aware of what the competitive landscape looks like is vital in order to help ensure best results and leverage potential opportunities.


This year we were able to target impression share to increase visibility over competitors. This innovation was key in increasing revenue and orders for our clients.


Look backwards as well as forwards

We build historical analysis into our best practice approach for clients in order to learn from the performance of previous years. Shopping feed audits are also key to ensure best results.

We work as an extension of our client teams, taking the time to understand what’s worked in the past and to help to alleviate any concerns.


Innovation gives us the edge

We were able to make the most of some betas thanks to our close collaboration with Google, as well as our own innovative ideas. Using eCPC for value and the local search beta, as well as testing gift messaging and split testing landing pages was able to give us an edge. These cutting-edge techniques allowed us to leverage a combined ROAS of £22.40


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