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Why brands need to spend more on targeting existing customers

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At our Digital EDGE event this year, Russell McAthy from CUBED discussed ‘Marketing to the Middle Funnel’. Here we delve into this topic and explore why brands should focus on targeting existing customers.


No one is ever doing enough re-marketing. This was the big hitter statement from Russell McAthy, CEO of attribution platform CUBED at this year’s Digital EDGE event. He went on to suggest that every business could increase sales exponentially if they could bring just 10% of their customers back to visit one more time.

The problem is that businesses today focus mainly on expanding their customer base ie attracting new customers. The belief being that if you want to grow your business you need as many people as possible to buy your stuff. It makes perfect sense. Or does it? When you look more closely at the figures, McAthy doesn’t always think so.

Acquiring and converting brand new customers is expensive – essentially, you have to court them and in marketing this costs money. But the problem is that even if you do this there is still no guarantee that they will actually buy anything, so in many cases you find yourself throwing good money after bad.

Stop chasing the single sale

What brands should be doing is focusing more on the 2nd, 3rd…..the 15thsale. Why? Because the amount it costs to convince an existing customer to buy again is far less than convincing someone new to buy for the first time. What’s more, you’ll probably find that they are inclined to spend more this time around too.

 With your existing customers you have already built up a rapport – you’ve demonstrated how well you look after them, how smooth your purchasing and delivery process is, how great your customer service is and of course the quality of your products. They have far greater brand value with you and are more likely to engage, so why wouldn’t they buy again? It may only take a quick email or one well placed, well considered ad to get them to buy again.

Remarket the hell out of your market

Ultimately, when it comes to existing customers you need to spend less to get them to convert and they are more likely to spend more, which means greater returns. OK, so remarketing is not an easy fix – we’ve seen enough brands get it wrong as their products chase around the internet – but the important thing is to go out there and do it and then do it some more. Learn from your findings and adapt accordingly because there’s no denying that once you get it right, remarketing to previous purchasers will prove a seriously lucrative marketing tool. Now all you have to do is convince the boss it is not all about winning new customers…..


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