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Pride in Makeup

We sat down with our executives Lois and Taylor to ask them about their Pride experience, their go-to Pride makeup and what the event means to them.

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What does Pride mean to you?

Lois: Pride to me is all about acceptance. It is an opportunity for those within the LGBTQ+ community and allies alike to show support for the community and celebrate how far we have come, where we have been and the future.

Taylor: Pride is a vibrant, happy and wildly fun community. It’s an opportunity to celebrate who you are, your friends and who you love. It’s an opportunity to come together, to be accepting and be accepted. For many friends of mine, it’s a chance for them to see that no matter your gender, sexuality or where you come from, you’re never alone. 

Talk us through your makeup and outfit for the day.

Lois: I attended London and Brighton Pride in 2019. I wore a rainbow striped t-shirt for both weekends, a leather skirt and polka dot tights. During London Pride my friend and I were approached by somebody who had actually designed the shirt I was wearing, and his friend had designed the shirt my friend wore. It was so amazing to see how happy he was that I was wearing his design and I spotted a few others wearing it too. 

For my makeup I used my Morphe eye makeup palette, using a bold orange colour, and adding silver liquid liner on top of black for a stand out glitter look. This has been my go-to pride aesthetic for the past 3 years. Of course, I added glitter around my eyes. My friend and I wove coloured string into our plaited hair, making sure we were as bright as possible.

Taylor: When choosing my outfit for Pride, my mentality is always the same — the louder the better. For London I wore a bright red playsuit, sparkly rainbow Mickey Mouse ears, rainbow converse, a feather boa, rainbow temporary tattoos and glitter (of course). At Brighton Pride, I represented British Airways in their parade float with my best friend. I wore a polka dot dress, a BA Pride t-shirt and LOTS of glitter.

With all the glitter involved, I complemented my outfit with my signature burnt-orange smokey eye. Combining a blend of Cliche, Vava Voom, Goals and Shook, I worked to make those blue eyes pop. I topped off the burnt-orange blend with a flick of eye-liner, glitter spotlight and highlighter.

You both mentioned you used Morphe Palettes for Pride, do you have a favourite one?

Lois:  I use the 35P plum pleasers and 3502 second nature artistry palettes religiously – not only for pride but for other occasions also. These are my go-to. I also use the Morphe makeup brushes – Morphe’s blending and shading brushes are my favourite to use when applying eye makeup.

Taylor: My absolute favourite Morphe Palette is the Night Master. I normally struggle to find a palette where I love every colour, but with Night Master I always find the perfect combination. If I want a bold look, Excuse me and Cliche are my go-tos. For an every-day look, I serve my Unique-ness, Creativity (…nerve and Talent). 

Describe the best makeup you saw at Pride.

Lois: So many people used glitter to create rainbows and the different pride flags, notably Bisexual and A-sexual flags. The whole day was an explosion of colour – I had never seen anything so bright and glittery.

Taylor: Honestly, it is so difficult to choose! Everyone at Pride came to slay, in their own way. I saw bold, beautiful, disco-ball, and everything in between. However, Drag Queens were particularly fabulous this year. One of my favourite Drag Queens on the British Airways float designed her eye make-up like rainbow aeroplane wings – so I’d have to say she looked particularly fly.

What’s your favourite thing about Pride?

Lois: For me, Pride is not just one day but an all year event. It is important that we make an effort to support the community throughout the year, not just during one month – we need to remember that support for the community is year-round.

Pride events are time I can spend with my friends who are a mixture of members of the LGBTQ+ community and/or allies. It’s a day to celebrate gender fluidity, sexuality and support those in the community.

Taylor: I can honestly say I’ve never felt more loved than when I’m at Pride. I love the community spirit, the expressiveness of individuals and the judgement-free, undeniable acceptance everyone has for one another. Love is love at the end of the day, and Pride allows us to celebrate this.