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Fierce Fridays

At Artefact we are lucky enough to have some very colourful colleagues. We recently got the team together to play with some pallets and bond over brushes.

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In our London office we have drinks in the office every Friday afternoon, however once a month those drinks come with a twist. This month we unleashed our inner #MorpheBabes and asked the team to get creative. Some needed more encouragement than others. 

It turns out our team is made up of more than our fair share of grooming gurus. So we asked some of them to share their beauty stories, they told us how they got into make-up, and what it is they like about it. 


Kirstie, Content Executive: “Makeup has changed my life! I remember the very first makeup book that my Grandma bought me when she thought I was old enough. It was written by Mary-Kate and Ashley and I remember looking at the colour variations of the eyeshadows and lip-glosses and thinking “wow!”.  It made me want to be the third Olsen triplet more than I already did.


Makeup is something that can not only change our appearance but change the way we act and feel. It can turn a Betty into Beyoncé, a Sally into Shakira and an Edward into Elvis. Without makeup, we would lose the creativity, equality and artistic freedom that is so dominant (and desperately essential) in society. I don’t know about you, but I think that a world without makeup would look like the sky on a winter’s day in the City. Boring and unfulfilling, with the constant craving for sunshine and blue skies. The Shard is stunning, but it’s even better with a colourful sunset behind it, don’t you think?”

Natasha, Business Director: When I was 11 years old my mother gave me a bottle moisturiser and told me that I should start moisturising my skin after washing my face every morning and night. She told me to take very good care of my skin; keep it clean and only use good quality products. She said I should never take my skin for granted because you can’t reverse the signs of ageing (this was in the 80s, so you really couldn’t then!) Well thanks mum, because that was the start of a very expensive hobby!


I struggle to think of skincare brands I haven’t used or tested. And in terms of skincare/ cosmetic treatments, there aren’t too many I haven’t tried (my latest fad is facial cupping). I will try anything but only if the ingredients are high quality, active ingredients are of a good concentration, there are no nasties (e.g. carcinogens) and it is produced ethically. 


I research the creams and makeup I buy, in fact, I spend more time researching these products than I do booking a holiday. And when I do book a holiday I meticulously plan which products I will take away with me and start a skincare routine to prep my skin before I go away. Sounds quite a tedious task, but sadly, I enjoy every minute of this planning!


I have worked in digital marketing for over 15 years now and I have been hugely fortunate to work with some very exciting beauty clients. I was the first person in an agency to do Liz Earle’s PPC, every time I went for a meeting to their head office in the Isle of Wight they gave me a bag of products to try! In later years I account managed The Harley Medical Group and became familiar with all the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures, of course I had to test some of these! I account managed Clinique and Estee Lauder and was asked to be on a panel for Clinique where I tested new makeup before it went on general sale – eeek! I went on to manage Crown Brush and Eyeko’s activity which entailed me testing brushes, makeup and palettes – DREAM JOB!

Helen, PPC Executive: I’ve always had an interest in makeup. Ever since I was a child, I’d use/ruin my mum’s makeup, and I had no idea what I was doing. Only within the past few years did my interest in makeup blossom.


I started to experiment more during my A-Levels and at university. At this point, the Kardashian-contour bandwagon was in full swing, but I couldn’t justify spending £40 on an Anastasia Beverly Hills contouring kit. So, I bought a cheaper Smashbox palette for beginners. It came with a QR code that you scanned with your smartphone and directed you to a tutorial on YouTube. Seeing the masses of content solely related to makeup, and how much I could learn from this, was where my interest transitioned into a passion.


The more I started to watch tutorials and ‘practice’, the better I got. My friends would also ask me to do their makeup whenever we’d go out and sometimes they’d ask me for tips on what looked best. 


YouTube was, and still is, my main source of learning. I’ll watch makeup tutorials to get an idea of the latest trends and what’s best for my features, etc. Or, I’ll watch product reviews before I buy a certain product. 


I don’t think I’d ever get bored of makeup. It’s a great outlet to express your creativity and there are no rules. With the beauty industry being an ever-expanding market, there’s always a new trend or a new product to try. The only thing that isn’t passionate about makeup is my bank account!