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Habitat Biophilic Design Event

Bringing the outside in – Habitat’s Biophilic Design Influencer event


Who’s heard of Biophilic Design? For our client Habitat we took some influencers back to nature. Habitat wanted to engage with a range of influencers on a fun and new topic for the brand, biophilic design. As part of our SEO offering, we created a campaign around this new trend, to hit priority striking distance keywords. Our Outreach team worked closely with the Habitat in-house PR team to organise a launch event for bloggers and press to attend, to build on relationships, create social buzz and discuss future blog content.


What is Biophilic Design?


Starting with the key constructs of Biophilic design, our contact with nature such as water, trees, plants and light has a direct impact on us – evoking a sense of nature, which in turn directly triggers our human spatial response, which is energising, relaxing and restorative.


Research studies demonstrate that “simulated natural environments facilitate stress reductions” with real natural environments providing additional sensory inputs, benefitting restoration and increased energy. (2010 Kjellgren, & Buhrkall, Karlstads University)


Furthermore, research shows that natural light and access to windows within the work space, found that office workers were performing 10% to 25% on tests of mental function and memory recall when they had the best possible view, compared to those with no view. (Heschong, Lisa. Heshong Mahone Group (2003) “Windows and Offices: A Study of Office Worker Performance and the Indoor Environment” – California Energy Commission)


Biophilic Design resonates direct, indirect and human spatial response from nature. Examples including visual, non-visual and non-rhythmic sensory connections all affecting stress reduction, having better sleep and retention in our day to day lives.


Biophilic Design is by no means a new movement, however in today’s age it is becoming increasingly more popular due to its benefits, rather than being just a passing trend. Offering an easy way to reconnect with nature, the Biophilic Design movement takes outdoor elements and encourages us to bring them inside our homes with natural materials, plants and lighting, which we thought would be a great discussion point and project to incorporate a range of channels.


The Event


The event was hosted in the beautiful Conservatory Archives plant emporium in Hackney in London, the store and coffee hub evokes the beauty of nature, brimming with greenery in every corner.


The event hosted a masterclass with sustainable architecture and interior designer specialist Oliver Heath, who presented  a thorough and interesting presentation on the positive impact that biophilic design has on people’s mental and physical wellbeing, by bringing nature into the home.


Nature-inspired canapes and botanical cocktails were served and guest were given the opportunity to explore the Conservatory Archives, where Habitat furniture had been strategically placed amongst the plants and foliage.


The evening ended with a mini-jungle making workshop (the new terrarium!), which was very well received by guests. Each influencer was able to create their mini-jungle from an epic plant installation down the middle of a Habitat table, which they were able to take home to bring their own little piece of Biophilic Design in to their homes.


Being a therapeutic and enjoyable process, the terrarium was the perfect send off for attendees!


Key Takeaways


Oliver Heath presented a fantastic masterclass, giving us great insight into biophilic design and the benefit it has on user experiences. His engaging presentation gave examples and guest interaction, with 90% of attendees raising their hands when asked if their happy place was the outdoors.


This was a great example of how most of us love and enjoy nature, but spend most of our time indoors, in LED lighting and closed walls. This is where biophilic design can really bring the best parts of these “happy places”, to where we spend most of our time.


The event was well received by all, with some great feedback from guests –


“I just wanted to say thanks so much for the Habitat event last week. It was really magical – the location, the talk and the plant making session. It was really well thought out and I really enjoyed it.” – @deecampling


“Just to say thanks so much for a lovely evening last night – what a beautiful place! And Oliver was so interesting, I really enjoyed it.” – @_lisa_dawson


“I just wanted to say thank you all so much for last night, what a lovely event – I had such a great time and learnt so much!” – @rushandteal


Our first event with Habitat was a great success, and we are very excited to share more results and other events as the year continues!


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