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Artefact drives record Black Friday results

Innovative tactics increase YoY revenue by an average of 48% across clients

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Black Friday 


Black Friday predictions this year were full of contradictions. Records would be broken! It was tipped to be the biggest digital shopping event ever1, with global digital revenue predicted to grow 15% YoY over the holiday period2 for 2019. But also – shops would be deserted!  In-store footfall would suffer as people bought online or refused to take part due to overinflated RRPs3


With the sales over and the results in, Black Friday this year was a huge success for many retailers and brands across almost all verticals. Barclaycard, which processes about £1 of every £3 spent in the UK, said it was an “outstanding” Black Friday compared with 2018. It said transaction value was up 16.5% YoY, with the volume of transactions up 7.2%3


This improved spending counters the critics who claimed consumers would opt out due to worries about economic uncertainty as Brexit draws closer. The results have confirmed the opposite, demonstrating public confidence in the economy. 


Record results


At Artefact UK, we managed to beat not only Barclaycard’s results but also the industry average. We drove an impressive +48% YoY average revenue increase across all our clients over the Black Friday weekend.


Despite the press reporting Black Friday was more hype and inflated RRPs than genuine bargains, we drove growth across the board for our clients. As well as increasing revenue, we grew our clients’ AOV by 27% and improved ROI by 30%. 


Many of our clients had their most successful digital retail day ever. This was achieved through using data and technology, with the help of AI, to ensure we delivered highly targeted, brand-specific messages at scale across multiple digital platforms. 


A team of highly skilled specialists


Sarah De Martin, Managing Director of the London office, said: “We have a large number of retailers who require dedicated support over the peak period. Our highly skilled specialists are also truly passionate about the retail sector and work all hours of the day and night to deliver for our clients.


We were able to exceed our clients’ targets, not just for those in retail, but for every category.”     


Gabriel Charles, a senior retail industry expert and Account Director at Artefact UK, explains: “Our account teams create bespoke strategies for each client based on their vertical and competitor activity. To ensure each of our clients are prepared for the period, we set up the campaigns inline with our best practice guidelines: creating landing pages that later turn into holding pages, using daypart and hour by hour mapping, rolling out promotion extensions and content refreshes, maximising impression opportunities on better ROAS generating devices, and optimising budget constantly.


We then build on this foundation with tactics such as: geo-targeting, region-specific strategies, and device-specific campaigns, all timed to drive the most impact, to ensure our clients hit and exceed their targets.”


Improving results across all verticals


Black Friday is traditionally huge for retailers, but we surpassed the average for our clients across almost all verticals: retail, travel, hospitality and automotive. Working with clients to exceed their expectations and beat their competition is what drives us and what makes those late nights worthwhile. 


Using data and machine learning, we have poised our clients for an excellent start to 2020. Here’s to the new decade! 


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