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9 Predictions to get you thinking differently about data

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With the subject of data being at the heart of this year’s Digital EDGE event, we’ve taken some time to consider where data could take us in the future.


Here at Artefact UK we believe that data is about working ‘faster, harder, stronger’ and today, thanks to the emergence of AI, this means we can offer real time (faster) personalisation (harder) and be more efficient with data than ever before (stronger).

But our relationship with data is constantly changing. So what does the future hold and how will the way we interact with data change the way we work and the way we live our lives? Let’s throw caution to the wind and consider some pretty out-there data possibilities.


1. Smart wearable tech will reinvent personalised products and services

It won’t be long before companies start using data from your iWatch and your FitBit to inform the way they market to you. Insurance companies will monitor your activity to adjust your health insurance premium on the fly according to whether you’re taking care of yourself…..or not

2. GIGO will become more relevant as Ai algorithms are commercialised

‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ – put rubbish data in, you’ll get rubbish insights out. We’re going to need to do some serious cleaning of our data sets if we’re going to effectively harness the power that comes with the kind of Ai algorithms that are now just around the corner.

3. New retail will forever change the way we shop

No more cash, no more cards, no more queuing at the till – Amazon Go is blowing the concept of a shop out the water.  Just walk in, scan your phone, pick up your stuff and go. Could this be the ultimate customer shopping experience?


1. Computer power will rival the human brain this century

Computers can already rival the human brain when it comes to mathematics and logic – think Deep Blue beating chess sensation Kasparov at his own game. But will we see computers being able to emulate our emotional intelligence? Could technological singularity seriously become a reality.

2. The predicted collapse of Moore’s Law will happen

Moore’s Law states that computer power doubles every two years at the same cost. But predictions are now coming in to say that this kind of development will soon no longer be possible. Watch for the fallout of this collapse.

3. Quantum computing will become commercially viable

This is about applying the principles of quantum physics to computers to allow for limitless possibilities – helping us do things with data that we truly never thought possible. If you want to know more about how quantum computing works, have a look at this article.


1. DNA will become common consumer data, used for marketing personalisation

This builds on wearable tech….and takes a sample of our DNA to see what we’re predisposed to like and dislike, using this to inform marketing activity from the day we’re born. Will we be a good sleeper? What food and wines will we enjoy? They will know it all in an instant and be able to offer us products and services before we’ve realised we need them.

2. Microchip revolution will change computers as we know them

Currently, microchips do maths really well. But with Ai, they could be built to do anything we want them to, so what will the machines of the future be able to do? If you want to know more about microchip development, read this article.

3. The end of mortality

As humans we’ve always been obsessed with our mortality and whether we could somehow cheat death. Could data and technology ever find the answer and gives us eternal life? Who knows…


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