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At Artefact, AI is not just a buzzword – it is at the heart of our mindset and expertise. We help brands inject AI into their marketing in order to improve the productivity of their media spend and make smarter decisions: from intuition-based, to data-driven, to automated decision making – allowing teams to no longer waste time on repetitive error-prone tasks, but to concentrate on higher value-adding work.

game-changing platform

We have developed a unique and game-changing platform that automates and optimizes every single step of digital campaigns. Our proprietary models help brands define the best budget allocation and audiences to target when launching a new campaign. Set-up time is reduced by 50%. Our AI-based algorithms optimize more than 30 parameters on a very granular level every day in order to maximize your performance. Every campaign should come with strong learnings to capitalize on for future campaigns. The platform relies on a Medialake to gather all data and extract actionable insights for brands

tangible value

The Octopus platform creates tangible value for our clients:
It boosts productivity, with 30 to 50% of time being saved on low value-adding tasks. Our experts focus the majority of their time on what really matters for our clients: analyses, performance and insights. Furthermore, it improves performance. Our AI-based algorithms recommend the best optimizations at the most granular level possible. In 2 minutes, you get the most impactful actions to increase your campaign performance. Responsiveness is also increased with agile product-thinking and proactive alerting systems. We design our products in such a way that we can launch new campaigns quickly. We set up alerts that run in the shadows on a regular basis. The Octopus platform also allows the sharing of more insights – We learn, you learn. Our algorithms are not a black box for our experts. They fully understand the decision-making process, which results in stronger insights for our clients.

Octopus platform

The heart of your daily Channel Activation decisions

Our Octopus platform consists of innovative tools that will help you optimize your Activation activities and maximize your overall efficiency.

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Would you like to know more about our Octopus platform? Reach out to our experts with any questions you may have or to set up a meeting!

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