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creation of keywords and ads

Using Excel files to create hundreds of thousands of keywords and ads is time-consuming, repetitive and error-prone.

Automated setup

At Artefact, we believe that our teams’ precious time should be focused on brand immersion, analysis, client services and strategy. We developed a tool that automates the setup of campaigns and ads in Google Adwords.

search generator

First step is to feed the tool with lists of relevant keywords and templates of ads. Then, Search Generator automatically creates all combinations of keywords, campaigns, adgroups, paths and ads. It connects keywords with adgroups and generates an Excel file with all details that can be directly uploaded into Adwords Editor

Octopus platform

Activation Channels

Our Search Generator tool will help you in optimizing the performance of your SEA activities. For more information on our approach, have a look at the SEA channel below.

Search Generator can save you lots of time. Interested? Our experts are more than happy to discuss the opportunities with you.

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