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With more than 20 years of experience in the online advertising field, we know that PPC campaigns are more than just number crunching and mathematics. Our international experts use the best-in-class methodologies to create a multichannel approach, ensuring that your SEA activities do not stand alone, but are fully integrated in your digital marketing strategy. Our global SEA practice allows every SEA expert in every Artefact office across the world to benefit from the collective experience of the other 200 media specialists. Having offices all around the globe, we work as one global team to provide international, seamless and multi-office support in 30+ languages. 

maximize campaign effectiveness

We involve Automation whenever possible to maximize campaign effectiveness and use it as a tool for personalization and real-time campaign updates. We partner with all international media, data and tech platforms (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Baidu and many more) and provide support on all global search engines and marketplace platforms. We always work with you to select and implement the best possible solution. At Artefact, we are the first in market to alpha-test and beta-test new formats, new tools and new audiences. We will train you and your teams to elevate the impact of your SEA in your business.

our way of working

At Artefact, we have a unique methodology in the way we approach our PPC campaigns. Data is the starting point to understand users. We view SEA as always being connected to other digital marketing activities and as a source of signals to help advertisers understand more and more complex user conversion funnels.
That is why we base Campaign management on (real-time) data, and work in collaboration with data specialists to find the right attribution model. Automation (feeds, scripts, bidding rules) combined to signal captation allows us to offer reactivity with real-time campaign updates, personalization and performance (Bidding Strategies).
With our 25+ offices we can support SEA for all major global search engines and marketplace platforms (including AMS) and even regional and local search engines such as Yandex, Seznam, Baidu, 360, Shenma, Sogou and Naver. We can also support your SEA campaigns internationally with native speakers of 30+ global languages for local success in your target markets.


Our methodology relies on multiple pillars: Processes, Flexibility, Measurement, Customization, Automation and Disruption.

Processes – We use clear processes for everything: For account onboarding, day to day tasks, reportings, audits, etc. Each account onboarding starts with a global audit. We challenge best practices at group level.
Flexibility – We adapt our offer to your needs in terms of for example audits, campaign management, trainings, etc. Furthermore, we adapt to your own organization and are able to manage your campaigns locally or centrally. We adapt your account/campaign structure in function of business specificities but also in a way that makes them flexible and able to adapt Search trends evolution. Campaign managers are in direct contact with you to build a true partnership.

Measurement – We view SEA as part of a global media strategy. Our reflexion is based on data – each test we propose and each recommendation we make is based on your own data.
Customization -We always strive to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.
Automation – We use Automation to save time with Scripts use, Feed use and Internal tools use. Additionally, we use Automation for performance and encourage the use of smart solutions (bidding, campaign formats, etc.)
Disruption – Being always in contact with our partners (Google, Bing, SA360, Kenshoo, etc.), we always challenge them in the way we use their new functionalities.
Our consultants work on group projects to find new opportunities for our clients.

Octopus platform

Our proprietary tooling

Within our Artefact offering we use our proprietary tooling to maximize the impact of your SEA campaigns. Within our Activation offering we have built a game-changing platform called Octopus unifying a suite of AI-based innovative functionalities. This technology is at the heart of our daily decisions.

Our SEA experts are more than happy to answer any questions you may have or to provide additional information about our SEA offering.

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