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Reporting suite design & set-up


Reporting suite design & set-up

#Data transformation

We have extensive experience in transforming complex client and industry data and converting it into insightful reporting visualizations. We work with the majority of our clients to extract their marketing data, push it into cloud storage and then visualize it with their preferred visualization tools. In addition to creating reports based on marketing we also work a lot on linking marketing data with other sources that marketing has an effect on (such as footfall, offline sales and awareness) and also on external sources that have an effect on marketing (e.g. weather, exchange rate and news headlines).

Visualization tool agnostic

#Data transformation

We are visualization tool agnostic. We’ve worked heavily on Tableau, Klipfolio, Google Data Studio and many more. As well as being visualization tool agnostic, we will also endeavour to fit your security and safety concerns by processing and storing your data in a way that is fully compliant and more than satisfies your needs. Our reports turn data into automated actionable insights, meaning your teams can concentrate more on decision-making and activation.



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