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Put simply, Programmatic Advertising = the automation of media buying. Automation alone may well be an enabler but it is not a solution or an offering. Our Programmatic solution brings together the best of all worlds and ensures efficiency throughout the entire process. This is ultimately demonstrated through the outcomes gained for our clients.

At Artefact we believe in combining the automation of media buying with layers of technology and data along with artificial (and human!) intelligence and creative design expertise to help you reach your business goals.
Our approach is to maximise automation allowing our teams to then focus all efforts on the campaign aspects that make a difference. Driving better results for our clients is our fundamental aim, our approach enables us to achieve this.
Our international teams reflect this belief as they all come from different backgrounds mixing data science, planning and media strategy.

our way of working

With innovation and AI at the heart of what we do, we have a unique methodology in the way we approach our Programmatic campaigns:

Applying our full process and best practice, our approach breaks down into the key areas of discovery, strategy, governance, tech & tools, completing a full campaign process from inception to optimisation and beyond.
Our two-stage discovery phase incorporates organisation discovery and market discovery. This is where we understand, research and learn about our client’s, their markets and their true audiences. This phase is extensive and amongst many other elements includes identifying customer journeys, segmentation, measurement and digital eco-systems.
Each strategy and approach we develop will of course vary by client/campaign but will be created around our core campaign pillars with full consideration of every element, from targeting to creative deployment.

Our approach ensures that all activity we run is underpinned with strong governance. We apply industry leading technologies to ensure complete peace of mind across all elements of ad verification (brand safety, viewability and fraud).

‘Trust’ and ‘partnership’ are two key and core aspects for us at Artefact and we provide our clients with complete and absolute levels of transparency across every single aspect of their activity. This is something that is incredibly important to us.

Utilising a powerful and complete portfolio, our entire process is powered through ‘tech & tools’. This incorporates industry leading partners combined with our own in-house developments.

our proprietary tooling

Whilst we work with multiple external partners we also believe that continuous change and improvement is essential. Our vision is not always matched by market-ready/available tools and as such we have identified many opportunities within Programmatic where the only valid option has been to create our own tools and technology. This has culminated in the creation of a suite of proprietary tools, driving efficiency and enhancing capability, impact and results for our clients.

All of these tools are housed in our game-changing Octopus platform. These technologies (and its AI-based innovative functionalities) are at the heart of our daily decisions.

Octopus platform

Our proprietary tooling

Our Octopus platform consists of innovative tools to support you in your daily Programmatic Display activities – driving efficiency and enhancing capability.

Set up a meeting with our Programmatic Display expert team to explore the opportunities for your company or reach out with any questions you may have.

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