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precision marketing

Precision Marketing is the disruptive approach to an efficient and scalable way for Advertisers to be vocal.

Inspired by scholars from the 1960’s, Artefact theorized the idea of embedding experts with different but complementary expertise under one roof: Channels Specialists, Creative Experts, Data Analysts, and Business Entrepreneurs.
Through this unusual attelage, magic happens, unlocking new pockets of optimization that would not have been uncovered in a traditional siloed model.

From CPG to Retail, from Luxury to Travel – we help our clients experiment, adopt, and industrialize this innovative way of getting their message across by following our two-step approach


Thanks to our experience of 1000+ Precision Marketing campaigns, we have codified and framed the best strategies for your business. From trigger-base strategies – designed to react to a specific exogenous event – to tribe-base strategies – designed to build convergent audiences with similar reasons-to-buy – we provide the strategy mix that best suits your industry’s drivers and your company’s strategy.

Our turnkey solution obviously includes the integrated deployment of several pilots, measured on a battery of indicators that we help you define, monitor, and interpret. We are then able to build all the required elements to convince C-Level sponsors of an adapted, at-scale industrialization roadmap based on takeaways from the first successful tests.

scalable industrialization

In order make precision rhyme with industrialization and simplification, we have built a comprehensive blueprint of standardized processes, methodologies and tools. This toolbox, combining learnings from working with 100+ clients in 60 countries, gives you and your team all the required facilitators to catalyze the adoption of this new way of doing marketing.

From the simplification of strategy definition and media planning to the automation of campaign trafficking and daily optimizing, we help you save precious time and resources so that the return on your advertising investments is more efficient than ever before.

Activation channels

Precision Marketing

Precision Marketing is one of the three guiding principles that make up our Activation offering. From definition, strategy creation to execution, we have expert teams for each channel in-house, offering services across the entire Activation spectrum. For more information on our approach, have a look at the Activation channels below.

Would you like to know more about our Precision Marketing platform? Our experts are happy to answer any questions or information requests you might have!

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