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Artefact’s Nautilus AI platform is the technological backbone for our Data & Consulting offering and has been designed to scale data initiatives more efficiently. It is build on the collective experience from our 200+ data consulting engagements.

Countless projects have been launched by companies during the past 5 years, with the aim to extract maximum value from their data. Code reliability, algorithm performance and scalability are among the many requirements that increase complexity when projects go into production.

Nautilus enables users to fully leverage the potential of their data, getting rid of these limits. It is a constantly evolving suite that learns from our experiences, our projects, our successes and failures. Nautilus is backed by a collection of best-in-class capabilities, including technical assets (“The Toolbox”) and operational methodologies (“The Cookbook”). These assets and methodologies work in tandem, strengthening each other, to offer solutions of the highest quality.

the toolbox

Ensuring a high level of reliability requires first-class quality in term of code and architecture. We provide our users with the forefront of innovation solutions that guarantee high confidence in terms of results.

Our solutions are tried and tested as a result from our experience and expertise, and are based on open source code programming languages and technologies. They are scalable and industrialization-oriented which results in the delivery of best-in-class performances. Having been audited by some of the most security-conscious firms in the market, our solutions are battle-hardened.

the cookbook

Having the right assets to meet expectations is not enough to ensure the success of an initiative – the right operational methodologies are crucial as well. 

Dividing each technical objective into several milestones is a key factor in designing the solution. In fact, once the milestones have been clearly established, it is possible to identify the underlying technical enablers within the assets and define the right process to follow.

Would you like to know more about our Nautilus platform? Reach out to our experts with any questions or information requests you may have, or to set up a meeting.

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