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single storage place

In order to better understand consumers’ identity and behaviour, and to better analyze performance, having cleaned data from all media and analytics sources stored in one single place is a must-have.


isolated environment

Artefact automated the data collection in a secure, GDPR compliant and private place. Each client owns its data in an isolated environment. A user-friendly interface has been designed for clients and experts to access the Medialake in two clicks.

main benefits

The main benefits of MediaLake are reduced time-to-market, as data is ready to be used (in data projects, 80% of time is spent on cleaning), data-driven analysis and planning and more granular optimization.



Octopus platform

Activation Channels

MediaLake is a multi-channel tool that can support you in maximizing the impact of various Activation channels. For more information on our approach, have a look at the channels below.

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