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Brilliant Channel Execution


Brilliant Channel Execution

Channel Activation within Artefact offers our clients a unique mix of assets, making sure we reach maximum impact and the realization of your business KPIs. We offer an end-to-end and integrated performance marketing solution with Data & AI as its absolute core.  

What does this mean? This is what our clients perceive as our biggest differentiators:



independent & transparent

We are an independent agency free of constraints between offices, teams or channels. We are fully transparent and ensure full insight and ownership of your data.

interconnected offer

We have everything under one roof with strong expertise in every channel. These channels are strongly interconnected and fueled by our Data & Consulting, Tech and Creative offers.

international pizza teams

We’re diverse and we always work as one team. With a global squad of 1000+ specialists with a very diverse set of skills – from creatives to AI PHD’s and from data scientist to media experts –  we have the knowledge and experience to address our clients’ business challenges.

technology, data, and ai-driven

We are tech agnostic and always strive for intelligent automation solutions based on AI techniques, which means we can do things faster, smarter and more efficient. We’re the only agency that can rely on a global pool of 150 Data & Engineering experts – custom-developing our proprietary set of Artefact tooling.

Activation channels

Our Channel Activation approach

Find out more about our approach that ensures maximum impact with each individual Activation channel via the links below.

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