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Amazon has disrupted the world of retail… and the world of brands 

More than just a simple platform for selling products online, it is now becoming an (almost) obligatory passage for any Internet user wishing to buy a product. In addition to the wide range of products available and unbeatable prices, we are now looking for content, opinions, descriptions… A new territory to be pre-empted for advertisers, who must adapt to this new complex ecosystem with its own rules, tools…

We help brands in their acceleration on Amazon combining our expertise…

At Artefact, we believe that the performance of a brand on Amazon lies in its ability to define a dedicated e-commerce strategy (product choice, pricing policy, timing of promotions, etc.) and to guarantee excellence in the operational management of the various performance drivers (content, retail media, inventory management, reviews, etc.). To meet these challenges, we have thus created a complete service offer covering all these issues to help brands in their e-commerce transformation.

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We’ve built our own tool to centralize all Amazon related data into a single platform, and make you able to access real time insights and recommendations to boost your business. From market-share to content quality, through retail media performances, shelf space or reviews management, our Retail Suite track your major KPIs to provide you with a powerful Amazon cockpit.

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