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Jules Verne

Boosting Blog Visibility

Partnering with specialist holiday provider Jules Verne to boost traffic to the website, utilising relevant and search-driven content on the blog.


Jules Verne, formally Voyages Jules Verne, has been providing escorted tours to worldwide destinations since 1978 to the over 60s market. They provide expert, fully-vetted tour guides who highlight the natural charm of each destination. The Artefact travel team has been providing technical SEO and content services to Jules Verne for five years.


Jules Verne has a niche audience, so we needed to create on-site content that is engaging and relevant to an older market. We felt it was necessary to create a dedicated on-site area to house this content that would achieve the following:

  • Make it easily accessible to an over 60s audience
  • Ensure it is search-friendly
  • Encourage users to return to the site

We wanted to ensure that interaction with the Jules Verne brand would encourage increased newsletter sign-ups, brochure downloads and tour bookings. Furthermore, we needed to help Jules Verne build authority around significant and relevant search terms.


We helped Jules Verne create a sound blog architecture to house our content that allows search engines to navigate through the pages, increase visibility for relevant search terms and drive more relevant traffic to the site. Users can now click through to the blog from the top navigation bar on all pages. This improves the customer journey and user experience, as site visitors find it easier to explore the site.

We undertook keyword research to understand what users are searching for and when. We identified search volumes and trends, and formulated an editorial calendar to build out the blog each month. We identified categories to segment the content at a more granular level and then built out relevant themes and series accordingly. For example, we created a ‘Jules Verne reads’ section that focuses on books about specific destinations.

One of our main challenges with content creation for Jules Verne is that their audience is niche. We needed to ensure that the material was tailored and bespoke to cater to the needs of an older audience, who can have specific reading preferences. The tone of voice and style of writing had to be strictly on-brand, to avoid the high risk of failing to capture this niche audience. Each member of our team spent a significant amount of time familiarising themselves with the brand to ensure the writing style was appropriate and effective.

Another challenge we faced was the wide selection of countries that Jules Verne travel to, which resulted in a need to create content that focused on a multitude of destinations. We created a comprehensive calendar and methodically produced content that was unique and specific to each destination. Each piece of content created remained in-line with Jules Verne’s goals and objectives for their wider marketing strategy.


Following the implementation of the blog recommendations, as well as the creation of multiple articles, we have seen an average monthly uplift in visibility through an increase in unique page views by 200% YoY. Time spent on blog has also increased by 3% and the bounce rate has successfully dropped by 14% YoY.

We helped to improve navigation to the blog pages, making it more accessible and helping it to gain authority for brand and non-brand terms. We have also identified trends that show users who have read blog posts are more than twice as likely to request a brochure, three times more likely to sign up for the newsletter and more inclined to fill out a soft booking.


To discuss how to use search-driven query targeting and audience insights to grow your brand, give us a call on +44 (0)207 607 5650 for a no-obligation coffee and chat about data, marketing and technology across all inbound channels. 



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