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Birmingham Airport

Streamlining the airport experience

Lifting the visibility and sales of in-airport shopping and increasing awareness of international routes on offer


When you have an ecommerce site, tracking goal completions and ROI is simple. However, if you don’t directly sell products on-site or use third parties to sell products, measurement is more of a challenge. Read on to find out how Artefact worked with Birmingham Airport (BHX) to help them gain visibility.


Artefact has been working with BHX for many years on various tasks and with a multitude of channels. Most recently, we worked with them to create interesting and engaging content that sits in hubs on their website that we designed. The content had several aims, namely: to streamline the airport experience, to lift the visibility and sales of in-airport shopping, and to increase awareness of the international routes on offer.

We know that this work has increased visibility and traffic to the website. However, with so much great content on site, the question became – what impact is this having on conversions?


BHX work with third parties to sell flights and parking spaces, but as these transactions don’t take place on the BHX website, it was hard to track the impact of our content on the bottom line. We aimed to improve visibility of transactions to allow us to make strategic decisions about our content – both in terms of its efficiency and the ability to leverage data for optimisations further down the line. We called in our data team to crack the problem.


The Artefact data team was able to propose a cross domain analytics project. The project worked to bring BHX more visibility of holiday bookings, as well as parking reservations, both of which sit on third party sites.


Due to this project, the customer journey can now be tracked all the way through BHX’s website, as well as third party sites. This allows us to see the entire journey from acquisition to conversion directly in Google Analytics. It improved the BHX customer overview, allowing us greater visibility, not only of the successes of our content, but it also opened the door for future projects to boost email and CRM efficiency.



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