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Birmingham Airport

Boosting Engagement Through Content Hubs

Increasing engagement on Birmingham Airport's website and driving traffic and sales on the related e-commerce site.


Birmingham Airport is one of the leading regional airports in the UK, providing a premier experience for those travelling from the Midlands to destinations across the globe. BHX is the seventh-busiest airport in the UK and offers an excellent alternative to London airports, conveniently located in the heart of the country. We’ve been working with Birmingham Airport for several years working on a holistic content strategy supported by analytics, and consultancy-based advice on other digital channels.


Although there was plenty of information on site which covered many of the questions those visiting the airport might have, there wasn’t a dedicated area for inspirational, travel-based content. This meant that Birmingham Airport wasn’t consistently appearing for generic or longer-tail searches, and where it was, engagement would be low, and bounce rates were high.


We worked with Birmingham Airport to create a strong content-led strategy to tackle these problems head-on. In order to increase engagement and help to support generic searches, we created an inspirational content hub for Birmingham Airport. Using keyword research and expert insights, we were able to help Birmingham airport develop a hub of highly targeted, inspiring travel information.

This information was created in two separate, but interwoven areas on the site. Firstly, the destination guides section was built out using data-led blog posts, giving top tips for those flying to different destinations or offering advice to those looking to go on a particular holiday type. With topics ranging from the ‘Best European Christmas Markets’ to ‘Romantic City Breaks’, we were able to make the destination guides section of the website a hub of useful information for those flying out of BHX or planning holidays. Not only did this help users already landing on the site, it also provided a deep well of SEO-optimised material perfect for longer-tail generic searches.

Secondly, further informational blog posts were added to the Travel Tips section of the website, which supports those travelling through Birmingham Airport. These covered a number of different topics, including eating at the airport as well as planning trips with young kids or work. Again, this is an invaluable resource of information for users.

Both of these hubs of information also aimed to raised awareness of the E-commerce platform where users can buy holidays and flights from Birmingham Airport. Utilising an internal linking strategy allowed users to experience an easy and seamless journey to the platform, where they could further explore their options and go on to book their dream holiday.


By supporting Birmingham Airport with the creation of optimised content that focused on search-relevant terms we knew would resonate with visitors to Birmingham Airport, we were able to generate excellent results. Organic traffic to the website increased by 125% YoY, and new users increased by 131%. Despite this huge hike in traffic we saw a 65% drop in bounce rates, showing that this new traffic was not only relevant but also comprised of engaged users. Lastly, as a result of the new hub structure and strategic content, users who read the hub content were 8 times more likely to go on to book holidays and flights through the E-commerce platform.


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