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Feb 8

AI Night by Artefact

The future of Artificial Intelligence


AI Night by Artefact

Artefact is glad to introduce AI Night, the new annual meeting of technophiles, politicians, economists and international business leaders reunited to discuss one subject:

The Future of
Artificial Intelligence

AI Night is the only French event reuniting major Artificial Intelligence actors and innovations. You will be able to experience the latest innovation and meet technology creators, influent technology people to begin the process of appropriating the technologies to your brands.

Created by Artefact, AI Night is the event attracting CEOs and CMOs of global firms to discuss latest technology and marketing development.

Prominent experts of technologies and Artificial Intelligence will take part in AI Night in order to offer their disruptive wisdom and vision to the 500 CEOs, CMOs, politicians and journalists.

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February 2018
200 euro's

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