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Mar 6

Ready to set new marketing standards?

Visit our rebranding event in Copenhagen


Ready to set new marketing standards?

To celebrate our new name and positioning as Artefact we invite you to our Client & Partner Rebranding Event on March 6th in Copenhagen! Join us in the celebrations and discover the latest insights on online marketing optimization with Data and Artificial Intelligence at its core.


Copenhagen Admiral Hotel – Toldbodgade 24-28, 1253 København K


13.00 – 16.00: Local and international speakers. See details below.
16.00: Drinks and snacks


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  • Guillaume de Roquemaurel (Artefact Group CEO): Ready to set new marketing standards?

A new breed of brands such as Google, Amazon, Netflix and Airbnb have captured consumers’ hearts and  minds by disrupting the status quo across all sectors. These brands have defined higher standards of customer experience by continuously improving their products and services through digital, data and AI. Artefact helps brands in meeting these new standards by providing a full-service offering, combining marketing, consulting and technology.

Artefact Group CEO Guillaume de Roquemaurel demonstrates proven AI & data-driven strategies and case studies designed to enhance digital experiences. Fuel your creative thinking and follow the lead of big tech giants towards optimization, automation and invention!

  • Morten Bruun (Industry Manager Google | Forbes 30 under 30): Automated data-driven full funnel marketing

The advertising industry is constantly changing as the consumer is continuously shifting to digital, and simultaneously traditional media is becoming “digitized”. Consumers can be reached via digital touchpoints across all steps of the marketing funnel.

As the landscape is changing, it is key for marketers and advertisers to also change their approach. “Because once a plan is implemented, it is possible that the consumer has long moved on” (van der Feltz, 2018, MarketingTribune). The impact of all channels and devices can now be measured and attributed using machine learning based algorithms, from keywords to automated content optimisation, thereby improving messaging and targeting.

Google will present their new marketing vision: Automated Data-Driven Full Funnel Marketing, or Marketing 2.0, which will help you serve your customer better, faster and smarter. Three main pillars in this vision are highlighted: Connectivity, Data and Technology (Machine Learning).

  • Kristoffer Ewald (Artefact Group CIO): Top 3 things in Digital you need to understand this year

The speed of change is accelerating, and yesterday’s cutting edge is today’s musthave. With 17+ years of experience in the disruptive landscape of Digital, Artefact Group CIO Kristoffer Ewald will highlight three of the most important digital changes for this year:

– Voice-as-Interface powered by AI is rapidly changing how consumers and brands talk
– Physical presence drives digital behaviour and beacons are the key facilitator
– Blockchain in Digital Media is the answer to the key issues including GDPR, ad-fraud and performance

You will learn why you need to care. Our client pilot cases will get you inspired on how to get started and how Artefact can be of help.

  • Jakob Snedled (Head of Studio Artefact Nordics): Enhancing customer experiences

With Big Data and AI an industrial and scientific revolution is unlocked. This has opened up new opportunities for advertisement and the exchange of ideas. An overarching data centric approach and new technologies are key in innovative Creation.

Jakob Snedled, Head of Studio Artefact Nordics and Global Creative Practice Lead, will dive into a world where Creation, Data and Technology and media are seamlessly combined into successful campaigns.

March 2018

Guillaume De Roquemaurel

Group CEO

After graduating Ecole Polytechnique, Guillaume, digital and new technologies enthusiast, spent 5 years in the digital practice of the consulting firm McKinsey before joining Google as a Sales manager for DoubleClick AdExchange. In 2013, he founded Augusta, a consulting company focused on data-driven marketing and Little Big Data, an innovative company between data science and creativity which tries to enable brands to create more personalized, conversational and impactful advertising messages for consumers. In 2015, Artefact was born from the merger of Augusta Consulting and Little Big Data. In 2017 Artefact merged with NetBooster Group. Today Artefact has 1000+ employees, 25+ offices and works with clients such as Danone, Orange and Samsung.

Morten Bruun

Industry Manager Google & Co-Founder Penstable | Forbes 30 under 30

Morten Bruun is Industry Manager at Google and therefore the youngest Industry Manager in the world. Morten Bruun is also co-founder of Penstable. Morten Bruun and his co-founders at Penstable aim to create the first sustainable pension fund built on a digital platform, while also empowering its users to make the most out of their savings. The company scored a number of awards including Best FinTech Startup at VentureCup 2017, Denmark's largest startup competition. He is a keynote speaker on digital transformation, growth strategies, and the changing consumer behavior in the digital era.

Kristoffer Ewald

Group CIO

Kristoffer Ewald is CIO of Artefact Global and former NetBooster Group. Kristoffer Ewald is an internationally recognized digital strategist with 17+ years of experience in the disruptive landscape of digital strategies, data science, analytics and marketing. He launched 5 flourishing start-ups including The Milk, a first-mover on strategy consulting focused on usability, behavioural analysis and analytics, later acquired by NetBooster Group. He furthermore is a recognized international speakers with well over 150 talks on his path.

Jakob Snedled

Head of Studio Nordics & Global Creative Practice Lead

Jakob Snedled is Studio Director Artefact Nordics as well as Global Creative Practice Lead. His main projects are evolved around the development of Creative Concepts to enhance Customer Experience and Engagement. He has 20 years of digital experience with a strong focus on quality and user experience – visual, technical and strategic.

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