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Mar 12

Artefact will be present at Big Data Paris 2018 !!


Artefact will be present at Big Data Paris 2018!

The era of BIG DATA has begun and businesses are already on the alert to adapt their information strategies: in a few months, the analysis of data on a grand scale (other known as BIG DATA) has conquered the IT sphere, thus opening up vast prospects in the field of market intelligence and cost management in large enterprises.

•Want to know the technologies that enable your business to operate correctly the deluge of information it holds?
•Want to learn about the practical applications of these innovations on strategy, marketing and managing your business?
•Want to learn about regulatory and business models in the industry?

BIG DATA PARIS will answer all your questions and allows you to take a decisive lead in the field of innovation strategy and decision-making information.

Contact us to book an appointment with our specialits during the event!

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March 2018

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