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Artefact Group.

The first digital global digital marketing agency focused on providing
strategic digital marketing consultancy based around Data and Artificial


What is our strategic plan for the next 3 years

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François de la Villardière

Chairman of the Board

Guillaume de Roquemaurel

Co-founder & group CEO

Vincent Luciani

Co-founder, group COO & CEO France

Philippe Rolet

Co-founder & group CTO


2017 has been a very active year for Artefact, counting with the merger of a promising marketing agency Artefact and the independant leader of performance digital marketing and the launch of a brand new strategy for the next 3 years. With a strong ambition and supported by motivated employees, the new management will propel Artefact into a new era.




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Financial news

30th January 2018 – Artefact publishes its 4th Quarter Gross Margin

30th January 2018 – Digital marketing group NetBooster raises nearly EUR 15,5 million and reveals new global positioning as Artefact

29th January 2018 – NetBooster announces the launch of a private placement via accelerated book building

19th December 2017 – NetBooster announces its financial calendar for 2018

9th November 2017 – NetBooster Group Strategic Presentation 2018-2020

18th October 2017 – NetBooster publishes its half year results 2017

26th July 2017 – NetBooster Group publishes its results for H1 2017 Gross margin up

12th June 2017 NetBooster Group and Artefact announce their plan to join forces

26th April 2017 – NetBooster Group publishes its financial results for 2016 and Q1/2017

Financial documents and regulatory information

1st February 2018 – Capital and voting rights declaration

31st December 2017 – Liquidity Balance Sheet

27th December 2017 – Notice of Convening – Bondholders Meeting

19th December 2017 – NetBooster announces its financial calendar for 2018

30th September 2017 – Capital and Voting Rights Declaration

30th June 2017 – Condensed consolidated interim consolidated financial statements

30th June 2017 – Liquidity Balance Sheet

Research reports

31th January 2018 – Greensome Report Q4 2017 – Artefact

13th November 2017 – Greensome Report Q3 2017 – NetBooster

26th July 2017 – Greensome Report H1 2017 – NetBooster

26th April 2017 – Greensome Report Q1 2017 – NetBooster

Financial & investor presentations by Artefact

9th November 2017 – NetBooster Group Strategic Presentation 2018-2020

27th July 2017 – NetBooster General Meeting Presentation

27th June 2017 – NetBooster General Meeting Presentation

27th April 2017 – NetBooster Annual Results Presentation

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