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Demand prediction & Supply chain


Demand prediction & Supply chain

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Sell-out forecasting is one of today’s main challenges for most manufacturing companies as they do not have full control over their sales. Facts however show that existing prediction engines have significant limitations: time-consuming, lack of reliability and limited in granularity.

Limitations of existing prediction engines

#Smart operations

These limitations are mostly imputable to 3 factors: the complexity of extracting data from most data sources (Excel files such as media plans, PDF reports…); the inability to predict several effects that impact final sales (Social Media, competition…); and the incapacity to account for specific industry effects (Global Shoppers effect – Luxe, environmental government initiatives – Car industry…)


Sell-out prediction models

#Smart operations

Based on these observations, we decided to help our clients in their quest for a reliable sell-out prediction. Relying on our strong technical knowledge of machine learning and advanced AI techniques, we build highly comprehensive and reliable sell-out prediction models able to adapt themselves to market unpredictable effects and industry specifications.


Your success being our main concern, we build personalized and easy-to-use predictive engines that fit your needs and operational processes.
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