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broken urls

Driving your audiences to broken URLs on your website is a waste of money. However, the high number of pages makes it complex for a human to verify their status continuously.

URL checker

Following our vision of a fully automated agency, we developed a tool that, on a daily basis, scans all URLs that advertisers bid on and alerts our experts when detecting issues.

actionable insights

urlChecker gets the list of all active URLs. It verifies their HTTP status and filters not only all 404 errors and permanent redirects, but also fixed URLs that are still inactive. After that, the expert receives an automatic email with an Excel report containing all details

Octopus platform

Activation Channels

Our URL Checker tool will help you optimize your SEA and Social Media Advertising activities. For more information on our approach, have a look at the channels below.

Our experts are available to tell you all about the URL Checker. Contact us to set up a meeting!

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