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Business Intelligence and Growth Hacking


Business Intelligence and Growth Hacking

At Artefact, our role is to redefine business intelligence and go deep into our clients’ transformation projects. We build teams of Growth Hackers, Consultants, Activation experts and Technology developers to deep dive every 6 months with a fresh eye into our clients’ accounts. The ultimate goal of the Growth Hacking team is to unlock more pockets of optimisation through new methodology frameworks, automation opportunities and AI technologies.

Growth Hacking covers areas such as reshaping clients’ internal capabilities and ways of working, disrupting content and messaging and reinventing data impact on each and every interaction.


how does it work?

Request Artefact’s SWAT team consisting of our best data and creative experts for 3 months of growth hacking – and bring your media strategy to the next level with new creative ideas, tactical AI-based solutions, more efficient processes or by simply better utilizing your existing tools.

  1. Framework

When landing onto the field, Artefact’s SWAT team’s obsession for quick success follows a rigorous step-by-step and proven protocol:

obsession #1: picture and movie

Picture: understand the campaigns you run and what customers see (content, targeting, budget allocation by channel, etc.)

Movie: understand how you have produced those campaigns (roles, timelines, processes, inside-tools set-ups, etc.)

Done mostly based on interviews and on-the-job observations, the “picture and movie” methodology often produces a list of pain points – what’s going wrong based on feedback per team; unmet needs – what’s going wrong based on Artefact’s observations; fail facts and factors – causes and impacts of detected pain points or unmet needs, based on common analyses of Artefact and your teams’ analysis.

obsession #2: higher up

Higher: Optimization is key. Operational excellence is a must. The Artefact team will find the optimization levers you can activate to solve your challenges with you. They will focus on the following key value drivers: Personalized messaging; more scientific targeting; most relevant context (time-based or geo-based); media channel / campaign budget allocation; and productivity-oriented processes

Up: Ambition is not an option. Be better is not enough – you have to be great. Together with you, the Artefact team will define what is going to make you great in your media activations, and focus on: Imagining big creative ideas; designing new AI experiences; rethinking your internal and external governance; and build new capabilities inside the organization.

To achieve this very ambitious goal, Artefact will take your teams and agencies to carefully prepared workshops – within Artefact offices if needed –  and set up a positive and solution-oriented mindset to make new potentialities arise.

obsession #3: make it happen!

Ideas count, the plan is necessary, change is the success!

Make it: draw the action plan and outline the critical path to the designed and chosen evolution.

Happen: implement the change within Artefact and your teams.

Interested in working with the Artefact SWAT team? Contact us with any information request you may have or to set up a meeting.

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