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Audience Builder


Activating statistical twins

Artefact uses an innovative approach to increase your campaign’s ROI, using the lookalike targeting type that consists of activating the statistical twins of your converters.

proprietary scoring algorithm

Our team developed Audience Builder, a powerful tool that identifies activable profile patterns among converters (personas), thanks to a proprietary scoring algorithm.

actionable insights

First, our tool selects all online converters. Then, it automatically compares hundreds of segments to the ‘average convertor’, in order to identify ‘twin’ patterns within convertors. Profiles of each segment are projected and compared with Google 3rd party data. Lastly, we create an identity sheet for each persona and push these personas in activation tools to target their lookalikes

Octopus platform

Activation Channels

The Audience Builder,  one of our multi-channel tools, will help you in maximizing the impact of your activation channels. For more information on our approach, have a look at the channels below.

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