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AI Bots


AI Bots

#Data driven customer experience

We help our clients to comprehend the stakes of conversational marketing. Our teams of consultants, data engineers, data scientists, strategic planners and media specialists, familiar with vocal and written support, are able to accompany clients on each part of a conversational project.



#Data driven customer experience

We propose full support, tried and tested in many sectors, including Conversational strategy, which includes the integration of bots within one brand marketing mix, use case ideation, brand presence format (referencing or application), technological recommendation, roadmap deployment in the short and long term; Voice experience definition, which includes the definition of journey, conversational writing and the integration of brand personality; Technical development, which includes the creation of chatbots, integration in various endpoints (Messenger, voice device, websites etc.), development of necessary APIs and backend, support to our clients’ development teams; and Maintenance and Training, which includes bot maintenance on demand, technical and marketing client team training.

Conversational Marketing

#Data driven customer experience

Our goal is to make sure that our clients have a solid strategy and technological base to jump with confidence on the bandwagon of conversational marketing.



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