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Conversational marketing: Chatbot powered by AI


Real-time cross-platform conversation with customers

#Data driven customer experience

Customer expectations have changed when it comes to their exchanges with brands. Real time, personalization, service of equal quality across brand platforms… These challenges require brands to engage in a permanent conversation with their customers, anticipating their needs and being available whenever and wherever the client is. This necessity raises some questions as to brands’ capacity to provide the necessary level of intelligence for this service, but also to scale this intelligence in an ever-changing environment. Today, brands engage in conversations on Messenger, Google Assistant, Alexa etc. What about smart homes? What about cars? Or smart city furniture? To what extent should brands apply intelligence to the conversations? How do you preserve brand image given the multiplicity of platforms?

A-Z conversational support

#Data driven customer experience

Artefact leverages its different core competences when building dedicated conversational teams. Our concept: create complete teams that can address the entire conversational project funnel, from pure strategy to effective technical deployment. Strategy and data consultants, data scientists and engineers, Voice experience designers and copywriters, conversational SEO consultants… Major benefits for our clients? Remove the organizational complexity of projects involving very different competencies and accelerate projects’ time to market. We can address all the elements of a conversational project from defining a strategy, imagining and prioritizing use cases, writing customers journeys and conversations, building bots, interfacing bots with the client’s infrastructure, training tools NLP to building actual models leveraging our client data in order to propose innovative experiences to customers both in the form and in the service itself.

Conversational intelligence

#Data driven customer experience

At Artefact, we believe that conversational strategy goes beyond transposing existing fronts onto conversational interfaces. Brands need to think about the how (which platform(s)) but mostly about the what (what services should they provide throughout conversations). Engaging in real-time conversations with your customers requires the capacity to answer their problems in real time. We want to avoid any customer disappointment when they realize that the brand bot they are exchanging with is merely an automated guide to onsite information. Our solution? Leveraging your data and our technical capabilities to create innovative conversational experiences. We helped Monoprix create their predictive shopping list bot, Heineken their its image recognition CRM bot, and Petit Bateau their interactive stories bot for children, and many more. Ambitious use cases for ambitious interactions with customers.

We aim at bringing intelligence, innovation and personality to your brand-customer cross-channel conversation.
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Sophie Gallay

Data Consulting Manager

Our Data Consulting experts are available to answer all your questions and help you make the most out of Conversational Marketing.

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