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Each market in Australia was facing different conditions in the property market. Some markets were booming, some had land shortages, and some showed people were cautiously researching but were not yet ready to convert. This meant that a one-size-fits-all approach to keyword bidding and ad copy messaging was not going to achieve strong results across the country, and a more tailored approach was required.


Each state’s behaviour was assessed individually before compiling a list of keywords relevant to that market. We were conscious of unnecessary or ill-timed bidding in particular markets, so we also paused a number of existing keywords in the account that were detrimental to efficiency or bringing down CTR. We tailored ad copy to the mindsets of users in each individual state to ensure our message spoke directly to their needs.


Overall CTR increased 163% as a result of careful keyword selection. Overall CPCs decreased by 26% and overall CPA decreased 10%, both as a result of improvements in account efficiency and a finely targeted approach.

A local approach to a global caseReinventing the Search Strategy